Cerpen Cita Cita Remaja Bahasa Inggris

Cerpen cita-cita remaja bahasa Inggris adalah salah satu jenis cerpen yang sering dicari oleh mereka yang merupakan kalangan remaja. Sebelumnya Anda dapat menyimak sebuah cerpen remaja mengejar cita-cita dalam bahasa Indonesia, dan kali ini adalah artikel yang sama, tetapi dalam versi bahasa Inggris.


Short Story ideals - Every human being must keep certain ideals in the hope someday the dream could become a reality.

Do you remember what was said by our first president (Bung Karno) "Aspiring thee to the skies, then you will fall diatara the stars". The sentence gives deep meaning if we contemplate.

A short story dream

Rozaq is a teenager who was born of a poor family. Not only born from less affluent families, but Rozaq was also very unlucky because the condition of his family far from what she expected.

However, Rozaq is a strong youth figure. He did not want to ever feel imprisoned by her difficult circumstances. Rozaq still think using his common sense, and keep trying to change the situation.

Rozaq has a laudable ideals like most teenagers her age. Rozaq hopes someday he can achieve a success as he had hoped, although on the other hand he realizes that in order to realize this he had worked hard, turn the brain, independent, and does not know the word surrender.

A very difficult thing of course, to live each day like his friends have not been able to because Rozaq family conditions very confusing. However, Rozaq to stay strong and try to sincerely accept what God Give.


Life is to provide the best, so that one day we will get the best as well. It is always embedded in the hearts Rozaq when she felt really tired and hurt by his condition.

Against the day and kept running, that is embedded in the soul of this teen. No matter how difficult he wants to go, he was still trying to fight so many things that ensnare sense and mind.

Rozaq want to be successful, he does not give the size of his success, he was talking about only "when you become better in any case, then you are a successful person." That's what was said by Rozaq.

Day after day, year after year, trip after trip Rozaq finally really able to set foot on the runway where he is getting closer to his dream.

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