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Contoh artikel sosial bahasa Inggris - Sebelumnya kita sudah share beberapa posting bertemakan pendidikan. Masih seputar pendidikan, kali ini adalah artikel sosial tentang intelegensi “bagaimana cara menjadi orang yang pintar?”.

How to become smart? A smart guy is theoretically more likely to get everything to accomplish, whether related to material and non-material. God gives you the ability to think or to human intelligence with IQ level is different, but intelligence also doesn’t able to thrive without any grinding.

Intelligence or IQ is a gift of the almighty in which each person has a different IQ, but did you know that people with low IQ level also has the potential to hinder the better IQ. How? Training, learning and focus. That is some key to make someone grow up smart and be able to achieve success in his life.

Every human being needs training. Everyone needs development process. High IQ without good development process will not produce anything. One obvious example in our daily lives is "there are two students with a different IQ, and the fact that the A-IQ higher academic value it lost with the IQ B which is lower when compared to the A". Why the condition is so? Because IQ is better held the A poorly developed.

What should do to make your own self smart, though with a low IQ? Here are some tips so you can become a smart guy.

  • Want to learn
  • Familiarize yourself with stacking insight
  • Do not make the advantage of others to undermine your
  • Confident and always think positive
  • Do something that you think is difficult
  • Never surrender to the difficulties you're facing
  • Learn how you can figure out something, use it to solve something which you feel difficult.
  • Avoid too hang out with community / group of people who do not know his true identity.
  • Stare at your future, so you will be more motivated to learn more.
  • Pray to the God

Demikian artikel sosial tips membangun intelejensi, semoga bermanfaat dan bisa memotivasi anda untuk menjadi lebih baik.  

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