Syair Cinta Bahasa Inggris

Kembali share syair cinta dalam bahasa Inggris. Posting sebelumnya anda dapat menyimak puisi cinta, puisi cinta bahasa Inggris dan puisi cinta romantis.

When the evening went over to me who lay humming feeling weak due to continue playing with my heart. I was still intact just to smell the fragrant breath without me realizing what that has ensnared me.

Love that will not move over, what's wrong with you why the turn seemed like no one thing that you find in me. Tell me exactly what you feel and do not bury sincere feeling, because everything is just about the purity of heart to have you.

I always write millions of words to describe the magnitude of this feeling, hoping to have you and get your love caresses. Yourself away from the arms of my soul that no longer feel helpless when I see more and more away and stay away. Tell me what that is embedded in the minds and feelings so that you are silent and cannot be understood.

Should you get rid of this feeling. Why did you not go see that there is only you in my heart. Love permeates my senses your presence is a dream for me my beautiful helpless, desperate to touch you in my consciousness. Why only when I was unconscious me able to hug you.

Declare your love with me, I will give everything to you with great sincerity. Love, sincerity, sacrifice and loyalty. I begged to get your love will I ignore all the turmoil in the liver is just to present to you his sincere feelings.

My heart there is only you. In my mind not to move one second left to admire the sincere feeling presence. You were created for a man who has always been my madness. My love for you completely, as I hope later you will understand the meaning of a sincerity, sincerity to give everything I have to you. Not for anyone else, just for you because I can only dedicate my love to you.

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