Cerpen Bahasa Inggris Perjuangan Seorang Remaja

Cerpen sosial. Sebuah cerpen kisah seorang remaja dalam usahanya untuk mengejar harapannya dengan penuh kegigihan.

Jordi, a 17 years old teenager from a modest family in the perseverance to realize his ideals in the hope he can make his parents proud of him.

Jordi graduated from senior high school at the age of 16 years. His desire to continue his education in a college to be delayed because he did not have enough money for college tuition. In order to realize his hopes to continue his study in existence Jordi would fight these desires.

With versatile living conditions of families barely difficult if not impossible for Jordi to ask parents financing cost of his education in a college. The only way he can continue his education is to look at their own expense. At the age of very young and not having experience certainly work it’s hard for Jordi to be able to get a job.

Jordi is in difficult conditions, but he did not make this teen broke. Jordi continues to fight for his desire. He realized that education was very important to him. He kept trying to get a job with unfavorable conditions. For months Jordi continues to search for a job, but have not got it. Jordi persistence in trying to keep him doing.

For months, nearly a year into his job search has not yet been found. However, Jordi is a formidable figure and teens do not know the meaning of tired. Keep trying and keep looking for opportunities. Any news that he can immediately take advantage of him. Although the results are not as expected, but he kept trying.

Persistence Jordi for almost a year looking for work finally paid off. He then got a call from a company which is three days before he was to submit. The job information he could from the newspapers. The work that had been his hope-hope eventually he got a step further.

Jordi get an interview calls. He was interviewed by a head of personnel (HRD) where he put the proposal. Nearly 30 minutes he live question and answer session with the head of personnel. Despite not having work experience, but Jordi can answer any questions raised either by the Head of Personnel. 30 minutes later Jordi then out of the interview room. Jordi out of the office to go home.

The next day, news descend Jordi. He got the news that he was accepted for enterprises. Jordi immediately ordered into work the next day after getting the confirmation received as an employee of the company of the new.

A month to coincide with the opening of her work / new student registration. He was then enrolled in a private college and take classes at night because he works afternoon. Eventually he managed to realize his hopes to continue her education in college.

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