Contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

Naskah cerpen bahasa Inggris. Contoh cerpen dibawah ini mengisahkan budi pekerti seorang gadis bernama Julia. Dalam keluarganya Julia mampu menggantikan peran ibunya yang sudah mulai dimakan usia. Dia sangat prihatin dan mau berkorban untuk keluarganya.

That evening, Julia was cooking for the family. As the only daughter of three sisters Julia replace the role of mother. Every morning and afternoon Julia replace her mother to cook. Julia is known as a good daughter. Not only in the eyes of his family, but in the eyes of the public. Julia is very concerned about his sister and brother, attention to always pray for her mother and father were a month ago has been returned to the almighty.

In addition to replacing her role as a housewife, Julia also want to take care of his brother, who still needs an 8 year old. Julia clothes cleanse his brother, accompanied him to learn and often the money he is given to his brother willingly tube. Julia's brother who works as an employee in a private company with a monthly salary of a child is not able to help the family economy. Julia was willing to leave time for the welfare of his youth-his family, especially his sister who was only 8 years old.

Finish cooking, Julia was called by his mother. Jul ..! Yes mom, what's up? It is finished cooking? Already mom, mom needs what? Nothing Jul, you come here mom want to talk to you. What is it mom? Jul, you're so desperately needed your sister because she was old. You spend your time taking care of your little brother. Jul, you know the mother is now the foundation of the family, especially your sister. But the mother did not want you to sacrifice your future for the sake of your little brother. I do not sacrifice my future for the younger bu. I'm just waiting for the right time. How could I want to continue my education now and leave the sister while she still needed me. Calm down mom, do not worry about my mother. Well, she just reminded because she does not want you to lose your dream.

Julia is a smart girl who was sitting on a bench while the school. While still in high school Julia often asked by his friends to complete school assignments. Julia actually been recommended by the board of the teacher to get a scholarship to continue education in college. However, such a high concern for the condition of the family, especially her sister who needed Julia decided to postpone his intention to continue his education at the university until his brother growing up.

An example, the personality of a girl who deserves to be our example. Julia could fly to the skies. However, he prioritized his family more than anything.

So short story tells of a girl with high dedication to his family. Hope it can inspire us and make us as a person who keeps getting better.

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