Contoh Naskah Pidato Tema Kebersihan (Bahasa Inggris)

Examples of speeches about cleanliness. Sobat tercinta kali ini kita akan share contoh teks/naskah pidato singkat dalam bahasa Inggris dengan tema kebersihan.

Pidato bertemakan kebersihan seringkali kita dengarkan mengingat pentingya bagi kita untuk menjaga kebersihan lingkungan, karena kebersihan merupakan awal dari wujudnya kesehatan dan kesejahteraan.

Assalamu'alikum Wr. Wb.

Best wishes ..

Praise and gratitude we say let the presence of God the almighty One who has given us all the grace that on this day we still have the opportunity to gather together in this place. On this occasion I will give a little message about the importance of maintaining cleanliness.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Let us remember that as social beings hygiene is one of the priorities that we must keep. Cleanliness becomes a reflection of what our true identity as being equipped with thinking. Cleanliness reflects that we are a healthy community.

Let's keep loving culture of cleanliness as a nation that promotes cleanliness. Do not get used to the reckless behavior, it reflects that we are a people who do not like health. Cleanliness is very important and will make us live safely and free from various disease.

On this happy occasion I want to remind myself and the audience as well. Let us create a clean, safe and healthy. Cleanliness is the beginning of the series as a way to reach the goal of a prosperous society. Cleanliness became the capital necessary for us to be clean and healthy society.

Later, in a whole range of new diseases began to attack humans. It is a bit much is caused by our own behavior are less concerned and be indifferent to the importance of maintaining cleanliness.

Keep environment clean and safe course is the responsibility of all of us as our community. Do not let the disease because we are covered by our laziness in maintaining cleanliness.

Ladies and gentlemen

So little that I can convey the message. Younger hopefully can provide benefits, reminding us how important it is to keep clean.

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Speech samples above can you convey cleanliness within the school or other place.

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